Taipei Housing Can Find you a Home Away from Home


Rent a property, a house, an apartment or a condominium in Taipei ?

Our agent specializes in the field of housing rental service in Taipei . We had successfully help hundreds of expatriates move to Taipei Taiwan in the past decade.

We also have more than 4,000 rental entries in our computer system , which include high-class villas, mansions and luxurious apartments in such areas as downtown Taipei , Tien Mu, Peitou and Neihu. We provide the most comprehensive ongoing support and service to the expatriate staff.


Our portfolio of international clients includes: Citibank, N.A., Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp., Standard Chartered Bank,Taipei Branch, KBC Asset Management, Nestle Taiwan Ltd., Dell Taiwan B.V., Taiwan Branch, Teradyne Taiwan Ltd., Cigna International, PreciCarre Corp. Tien Mou Branch, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., Broadcom Co., Ltd., Samsung Taiwan Co., Ltd., Robert Bosch Taiwan Co., Ltd., B.A.T. Services Ltd., Corning Display Technologies Taiwan, Schaeffler Taiwan Co., Ltd., Government of the Republic of South Africa, Netherlands Trade & Investment Office, Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland, Brazil Business Center, Aegon Life Insurance Inc.,Taiwan Branch and et cetera.


As a newcomer to Taiwan , everything is strange, particularly the impact of crowds, air pollution, culture and the changing environment. During this time, it would make it easier for a new staff if someone could handle all the little inconveniences that are encountered in their new home, such as calling someone in to get an air conditioner repaired, locating a plumber for an emergency leak, handling the loss of a key, telephone problems or other incidents.


Our aim is to develop a long lasting relationship in which we can serve you and your company. Whether during office hours or not, just a simple call to us and we can take care of these matters as an after -rental service.


Relocation Services

Orientation tours

Hotel/Temp. Accommodation

Home search 

Furniture insurance

School assistance  

Driver license

Car rental

Furniture rental

Banking advice   

Maid assistance

Work permit



Follow Up Services

1.    Act as go-between with owners and tenants for the duration of the lease.

2.    Negotiate lease renewal at normal service rate.

3.    Recommend and contact repairmen for:

o      plumbing problems

o      leaking windows roofs

o      swimming pool filter system

o      water purifier

o      electrical problems

o      air conditioners

4.    Recommend and contact:

o      interior designers

o      cleaners

o      painters

o      yard boy

o      pest control services

o      car rental company

o      water company

o      telephone company

5.    Advice on where to find:

1.  distilled water

2.  firewood

3.  electrical appliance

4.  bottled gas

5.  public transportation

6.  banks, postal offices, restaurants and fast food stores
offices for utilities collections


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